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 “It is the intention of this book to reveal the truth of the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation 7 but the chief object of this publication is to bring about a reformation among God’s people. The truth herein contained is divided into seven sections, giving proof from seven different angles, to prevent any doubt or confusion. This subject is made clear by the use of the Bible and the writings given by the Spirit of Prophecy.” – The Shepherd’s Rod Vol. 1 pg. 5

July-August 1936
Volume 2, No. 7,8

In The Interest Of The S.D.A. Denomination

“The Twelve Tribes Which are Scattered Abroad”

This little paper is dedicated for the conveyance of news items and reformatory activities to Present Truth believers; to answer questions in connection with the sealing message of the 144,000 (Rev. 7:1-8) and the great multitude (Rev. 7:9); on the prophecies of Isaiah, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Micah, Hosea, Joel, Daniel, the Revelation, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, etc., but more fully on the first eight books above mentioned; on Christ’s parables, on types and symbols, and also on the writings of Mrs. E.G. White.-2SC7,8 2.1

However, this monthly visitor promises to answer questions on such passages of the Scriptures only as have been divinely revealed and authoritatively proclaimed—bearing the positive mark of truth. Therefore, it will either give a correct answer to questions or else confess its ignorance by saying “I do not know.”-2SC7,8 2.2

Its main object is to reveal the fact that the time has come for the Lord to manifest His power and unify, and purify the church of God—calling her to rise up from her dusty bed and put on her strength and her gift of beautiful garments, because “from henceforth” the unclean shall not come unto her. (Isa. 52:1.) Therefore, it positively demands that the messengers of “the great and dreadful day of the Lord,” under its supervision, must strictly comply with all its requirements, instructions and advice which it bears to them from time to time. It will not countenance those who ignore its divine authority—the church is to be a light to the whole world—fair as the moon,—clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners. Isa. 62:1-7; Prophets and Kings, p. 725.-2SC7,8 2.3

The symbols on the title page are a reproduction of the Revelation, chapters Twelve and Nine, and Isaiah 7:2 which symbols are explained in our available literature.-2SC7,8 2.4

This monthly comforter gladly calls on all S.D.A.’s who open their doors and welcome its visit. It freely gives its time to minister to those who shall be heirs of salvation and neither collects fees nor makes charges for its unselfish service. It lives on voluntary gifts and free will offerings—it burdens no one and comforts all. Its constant prayer is that all its clients should prosper and be in health even as their souls prospereth. (III John 2.)-2SC7,8 2.5

Make your questions plain and distinct, giving the references, and they shall be taken care of as soon as their turn on the waiting line permits.-2SC7,8 2.6

If you like to have this printed friend come to your home regularly, also other free literature, send your name and address to the Universal Publishing Ass’n, Symbolic Code Department, Mount Carmel Center, Lake Waco, Texas.-2SC7,8 2.7


As the time drew near for the General Conference to convene at San Francisco, it became more and more evident that we should be represented, and in harmony with this conviction, Brother Houteff, Elder Wilson, and Brother Deeter were asked to represent Mt. Carmel at this forty-third International festival of anti-typical Israel. The father of one of the young men who is a student at Mt. Carmel, desiring to do something for his son, proposed to defray his expenses if there would be room for the extra passenger, so Brother Jack Colvin was invited to join the other three representatives to this great meeting of God’s people.-2SC7,8 3.1

We left Waco May 14, spending the first night in West Texas, arriving in Raton, New Mexico, early Friday afternoon, and after a pleasant little visit with one of the Present Truth believers there, we proceeded to Trinidad, Colorado, where we met Brother and Sister Warden, who were being entertained in the hospitable home of Bro. and Sister Miller. It was an enjoyable Sabbath indeed that we spent with these dear children of the Lord, and it was hard to part with them the next day, but we had an appointment in Pueblo for Sunday night, where a nice group of about fifteen hungry souls gathered in the home of Sister Lucy Hill, and fed upon the manna sent from heaven.-2SC7,8 3.2

From Pueblo, we went to Florence, Colorado, where we spent a few hours with the faithful believers in that place, and after dining at the home of Brother and Sister Skeels, we departed for Denver, where we spent from Monday until Friday, studying the message with a nice group every evening and visiting and studying in the homes of others during the day. Sister Hill is in charge of the company in Pueblo, and Brother Skeels at Florence, and Dr. W.S. Butterbaugh in Denver. The Lord came very near to us in our meeting in Colorado, and we believe all who attended were blessed by His Holy Presence, which resulted in a stronger determination than ever, by all of us, to live and labor for the Master only.-2SC7,8 3.3

It was demonstrated again and again that the Lord was directing us as we journeyed to San Francisco, one of the outstanding evidences occurring on the second Friday of our trip as we were hurrying to reach Salt Lake City for Sabbath, when all of a sudden we were stopped by a Highway Patrolman, who told us that he had received orders to stop us until a driver of a bakery truck should arrive.-2SC7,8 3.4

We could not understand why we should be detained, especially when we were so anxious to reach Salt Lake City in good time for the Sabbath. When the driver arrived, and rendered his report to the officer, all knew that the charges he made against us were false, and we were told to proceed on, but now we had lost so much time that it was impossible to reach our intended destination for Sabbath, so we stopped in Evanston, Wyoming, instead.-2SC7,8 3.5

Not until the next day, while looking for some of our Adventist brethren in that vicinity, did we learn why we had been detained by the police, for the One Who holds in His hands the destiny of all His children had allowed a young man and his wife to be delayed for four days in order to meet us at Evanston, and it was a delightsome Sabbath that we spent together. As the sun was setting, we met to close the Sabbath with song and prayer, at which time these dear young people bore a ringing testimony to the effect that they were sure that the Lord had detained them, as well as us, so we could meet together on His Holy day and study the Bible and Testimonies. This young couple promised to study further the message, and our prayers go with them as they sail for their mission field of labor.-2SC7,8 3.6

Our party arrived in San Francisco in good time for the opening session of the Conference, and it was a real pleasure to us to meet old friends and fellow laborers, and especially to answer the many questions propounded to us concerning “The Shepherd’s Rod.” To some it was a real joy to learn that we were loyal Seventh-day Adventists, for they had been led to believe, by the false reports that had come to them, that we were now something else, and many were glad to know that our study of the added light on the Third Angel’s Message had only increased our love for the truth, and for all our brethren as well.-2SC7,8 3.7

Our only purpose in attending the General Conference session was to receive what God has for His children at this time, and to make any small contribution possible toward enlightening the minds of our brethren, by answering the many and varied questions arising concerning our attitude toward the message which, as Seventh-day Adventists, we all profess to believe, and from this standpoint, we were highly pleased with what the Lord was able to accomplish through our feeble efforts.-2SC7,8 3.8

We think it not out of place, in this connection, to mention the fine spirit of Christian courtesy accorded us by the officers of the General Conference, and we desire them to know that we do appreciate this very much, and that they are always welcome in our homes and to any of the meetings we conduct either in private homes, or in public halls. The latchstring at Mt. Carmel hangs outside.-2SC7,8 3.9


While we greatly appreciated all the kindnesses shown us at the conference, we do regret that it becomes necessary to correct certain newspaper and radio reports that were nationally broadcasted.-2SC7,8 4.1

The following is an exact quotation from “The San Diego Sun” of San Diego, California, Wednesday, June 10, 1936:-2SC7,8 4.2


“Revelation of a strange ‘sudden death’ prophecy against delegates to the world congress of Seventh-day Adventists which met here, today sent police on a concentrated search for four men wanted for questioning in connection with the Dover apartment hotel fire early Sunday, in which seven persons, one an Adventist minister, lost their lives.-2SC7,8 4.3

“C.A. Purdom, Washington, D.C., secretary of the home missionary department of the church, told police the prophecy had been made by the leader of a schism which for seven years has opposed established authorities of the church.-2SC7,8 4.4

“The leader, named as Victor T. Houteff, of Waco, Tex., was quoted by Purdom as saying:-2SC7,8 4.5

“‘On the second Sunday of the convention fire will fall from heaven and will burn the bodies of those who oppose me.”-2SC7,8 4.6

“The day of the fire was the second Sunday of the convention. W.C. Clark, Cheyenne, Wyo., said to have been a bitter enemy of the cult led by Houteff, was burned to death.-2SC7,8 4.7

“Delegates told police at least four members of the opposing faction were staying at an auto camp near San Francisco.-2SC7,8 4.8

“Police still held Raymond Searles, WPA worker, who assertedly turned in the first alarm of the blaze but was arrested when police learned he had shown interest in other recent fires here.-2SC7,8 4.9

“Identification of Clark and a Mrs. Clara Roland, was definite. Officials of the Willowbrook Dairy Co., tentatively identified one of the victims as William Furth, 45. Relatives believed two other bodies were those of Jose Carmona, 3 laborer, and Fred Seiler, 49, rug cleaner.”-2SC7,8 4.10


Brother Houteff denies the charges, and no one who has embraced Present Truth has heard him utter any such prediction, neither has any one of the opposition ever attempted to prove his even so much as intimating anything of that nature.-2SC7,8 4.11

Therefore, it is absolutely evident that it was a put up job with malicious intention to make us a lot of trouble and to put a damper on the advancement of the sealing message, but the same God Who could have delivered Paul from the most cruel hands of all ages, and from both Jew and Roman adversaries, delivered us from all these charges in less than half an hour.-2SC7,8 4.12

The above false report proves by the following paragraph that the wicked spirit which worked in Paul’s time is no less active at this time.-2SC7,8 4.13


“Since the beginning of the persecution under Nero, the Christians had everywhere been a proscribed sect. After a time, the unbelieving Jews conceived the idea of fastening upon Paul the crime of instigating the burning of Rome. Not one of them thought for a moment that he was guilty; but they knew that such a charge, made with the faintest show of plausibility, would seal his doom. Through their efforts, Paul was again arrested, and hurried away to his final imprisonment.…Accused of instigating one of the basest and most terrible of crimes against the city and the nation, he was the object of universal execration…The Jews brought against Paul the old charges of sedition and heresy, and both Jews and Romans accused him of instigating the burning of the city.”—“Acts of the Apostles,” pp. 489, 490, 494.-2SC7,8 4.14

The Jewish leaders thought that if they could by whatsoever means but get rid of Christ, His work of reform and advanced light on the Word of God would then come to an end, but it was after they crucified Him that His work brought forth fruit and that thousands accepted the teachings of Christ. Likewise, as the false charges, and cruel unChrist-like actions against us in the past have worked out for the advancement of the cause of God, this one will also. Truth, honesty, and integrity, in time, always prevail against error, falsehood and impropriety.-2SC7,8 4.15

Hence, it is deeply to be regretted that a poor, misguided elder should take the occasion of the sad and tragic death of one of his fellow ministers to give vent to his pent-up hatred against those with whom he differs on religious matters, and especially to go as far as he has, for his frenzy seems to have carried him clear on beyond reason and truth, and landed him on the same level with Judas, for his entire report is intended simply because he is unable to refute the truth, to place an innocent man in the clutches of the law. Hence, his resort to what he thought was the only expedient left him.-2SC7,8 4.16

Our hearts go out in deep sympathy to the bereaved ones who mourn the loss sustained by the Dover Apartment fire, and though Brother Houteff and most of us never met or heard of Elder Clark before his death (contrary to Elder Purdom’s report), we are happy to believe that our departed brother made his peace with God before his life closed.-2SC7,8 4.17

These malicious charges and false reports are but a fair illustration of how our brethren attempt to overthrow the message of the Rod which now, as in the past, does not only vitiate the dependability of all refutation against “The Shepherd’s Rod,” but which also again shows how the opposition attempts to employ the most base and ingenious methods, even to trying, without any cause, to incriminate one for a crime the punishment for which may demand the life of the offender.-2SC7,8 5.1

Thus, by their blood thirsty attempt to fasten a revolting crime upon an innocent person, they, themselves, become worthy of the same sentence which was pronounced upon Haman to Mordecai’s vindication. But our prayer is: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” and our plea to the laity is: “Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom.” (Mic. 7:5.)-2SC7,8 5.2

“Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” (Psa. 146:3.)-2SC7,8 5.3

Leaving Brother and Sister Warden in Oakland, we began our homeward journey by way of Southern California, stopping a couple of days with the brethren at Chowchilla and Fresno. Then we proceeded on to La Crescenta where for the past year Brother and Sister M.J. Bingham conducted the first Present Truth boarding school, known as the “La Cresenta SRod Parochial Home School.”-2SC7,8 5.4

After spending about two weeks in the vicinity of Los Angeles, visiting and studying with the brethren, and counseling with them concerning the work there, we then went to San Diego, taking with us Brother and Sister Bingham who accompanied us to Mt. Carmel. Two days of counsel and study were devoted to the work in San Diego, and two more days were spent at Loma Linda and nearby towns, which brought us to a new week.-2SC7,8 5.5

Four o’clock Sunday afternoon found us on our way from Redlands, intent on driving through the desert after the heat of the day. The second night we spent in El Paso, Texas, arriving at Mt. Carmel for breakfast the third morning, Wednesday, July with no visible marks of God’s displeasure upon us, for which we are very thankful. And still more thankful were we to find all the brethren here in good courage and the work steadily progressing.-2SC7,8 5.6

“O, my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” (Isa. 3:12.)-2SC7,8 5.7


As I see that some who profess to believe in Present Truth must be nursed so much, my soul is prostrated before the Lord in behalf of them. Sometimes I almost lose patience with them. Pray for me that my faith fail not. I long to see a revival of the spirit of 1844, but appeal after appeal falls on ears that are dull of hearing and on hearts that are asleep. With their mouths they confess the truth, but they remain inactive and asleep. Yet they seem to be so honest and sincere that I hesitate to call their attention to things that I know I must. I cannot understand why reformers, having so much light as we, should have to be nursed like this. It is a mystery to me why they do not get out and work for their brethren, and thus gain a blessing for themselves. I wish that you would write along these lines in the Code.-2SC7,8 5.8

(Signed) J. H. Y.

We hope that the above earnest appeal of a brother who longs to see that our preparation for the long hoped journey through the starry heavens “engross the whole mind, the whole attention,” will awaken all the readers of this paper, so that when the “angels sing” and the “silver trumpet” blows, we shall leave no one behind as we take our flight heaven-ward to the “sides of the north”!-2SC7,8 5.9

Knowing that if the 144,000 be sealed and endowed with pentecostal power, Satan is working mightily with all subtlety to over-throw the “very elect,” the “servants of God,” because he knows that such a church. “clad in the armor of Christ’s righteousness” and without guile in her mouth will forever bring to an end his dominion of sin, plunge him into chaos for a thousand years and in the end burn his body to ashes so that all created beings may forever know the result of sin and unrighteousness.-2SC7,8 5.10

Consequently, as our attention is called to these dangers which God’s people are facing, and by which some have already been overthrown we are, as a warning, quoting the following paragraphs, hoping that all Present Truth believers will be enlightened by the invaluable information and advice contained therein:-2SC7,8 5.11

“Look not to other men to see how they conduct themselves under the conviction of the truth, or to ask them for aid. Look not to men in high positions of responsibility for strength, for they are the very men who are in danger of considering a position of responsibility as evidence of God’s special power. Our churches are weak because the members are educated to look to and depend upon human resources, and thousands of dollars are needlessly expended in transporting finite men from one place to another, in order that they may settle little difficulties, when Jesus is ever near to help those who are needy and distressed.”—“Testimonies to Ministers,” p. 380.-2SC7,8 5.12

“Satan is now using every device in this sealing time to keep the minds of God’s people from the present truth, and to cause them to waver. I saw a covering that God was drawing over His people to protect them in the time of trouble; and every soul that was decided on the truth, and was pure in heart, was to be covered with the covering of the Almighty.…-2SC7,8 6.1

“I saw that Satan was working through agents in a number of ways. He was at work through ministers who have rejected the truth and are given over to strong delusions to believe a lie that they might be damned.…-2SC7,8 6.2

“I saw that some of the people of God are stupid and dormant, and but half awake; they do not realize the time we are now living in, and that the man with the “dirt-brush” has entered, and that some are in danger of being swept away.…-2SC7,8 6.3

“Then I was pointed to the earth, and saw that there would have to be a getting ready among those who have of late embraced the third angel’s message. Said the angel, ‘Get ready, get ready, get ready. Ye will have to die a greater death to the world than ye have ever yet died.’ I saw that there was a great work to do for them, and but little time in which to do it.…-2SC7,8 6.4

“I saw that those who of late have embraced the truth would have to know what it is to suffer for Christ’s sake, that they would have trials to pass through that would be keen and cutting, in order that they may be purified, and fitted through suffering to receive the seal of the living God, pass through the time of trouble, see the King in His beauty, and dwell in the presence of God, and of pure, holy angels.…-2SC7,8 6.5

“And as the disciples declared that there is salvation in no other name under heaven, given among men, so, also, should the servants of God faithfully and fearlessly warn those who embrace but a part of the truths connected with the third message, that they must gladly receive all the messages as God has given them, or have no part in the matter.”—“Early Writings,” pp. 43, 44, 48, 64, 67, 188, 189.-2SC7,8 6.6

“There are men who teach the truth, but who are not perfecting their ways before God, who are trying to conceal their defections, and encourage an estrangement from God. They have not the moral courage to do the things that it is for their special benefit to do. They see no necessity for reform, and so they reject the words of the Lord, and hate him who reproveth at the gate.-2SC7,8 6.7

“This very refusal to heed the admonitions which the Lord sends, gives Satan every advantage to make of them the bitterest enemies of those who have told them the truth. They become falsifiers of those who have borne to them the message from the Lord.-2SC7,8 6.8

“The man who rejects the word of the Lord, who endeavors to establish his own way and will, tears to pieces the messengers and message which God sends in order to discover to him his sin. His own inclinations have influenced his conduct, and he has built himself up in a wrong way.…-2SC7,8 6.9

“Let every minister, in the place of standing to criticize the question, to doubt and oppose, if there is the semblance of a chance to do so, be now employed in erecting barriers against the wily foes. Rather than fight against those whom the Lord has sent to save these, let His people pray fervently and continually for the power of God’s grace, and that the Captain of the Lord’s host will take the field. Rather than sit in judgment upon men whom God has accepted to do Him service, let the burden of their prayer be, night and day, that the Lord may send forth more laborers into His vineyard. Ministers, do not dishonor your God and grieve His Holy Spirit, by casting reflections on the ways and manners of the men He would choose. God knows the character. He sees the temperament of the men He has chosen. He knows that none but earnest, firm, determined, strong-feeling men will view this work in its vital importance, and will put such firmness and decision into their testimonies that they will make a break against the barriers of Satan.…-2SC7,8 6.10

“You left the word of the Lord to fall unheeded to the ground; and now the Lord has taken men who were boys when you were standing at the forefront of the battle, and has given to them the message and the work which you did not take upon you. Will you be stumblingblocks to them? Will you criticize? Will you say, ‘They are getting out of their place’? Yet you did not fill the place they are now called to fill.”—“Testimonies to Ministers,” pp. 408, 412, 413.-2SC7,8 6.11

“Not without a struggle does Satan allow the kingdom of God to be built up in the earth. The forces of evil are engaged in unceasing warfare against the agencies appointed for the spread of the gospel and these powers of darkness are especially active when the truth is proclaimed before men of repute and sterling integrity.”—“Acts of the Apostles,” p. 167-2SC7,8 6.12


The “exile from home” in far away lands finds a letter from home as cheering and refreshing as a fountain in a dry desert land. And in like manner, we who read the “Code,” and who have the work at heart, are made strong and glad by its heaven-sent messages.-2SC7,8 7.1

In this section of the country, near Atlanta, Georgia, there are around forty believers who can hardly wait from one issue of the “Code” to another. Some read it through twice before laying it aside, some try out its recipes immediately, while others rejoice that it is shedding light on the Third Angel’s Message, and that its influence is already reaching other lands. Brother E. Woods, wife, and two daughters are sending greetings to the Present Truth believers in Travancore, India, where his daughter, Mrs. Glenmore Carter, and family are doing missionary work for the heathen, but who are fighting the message for the church.-2SC7,8 7.2

We are thankful to say that some in our “little company” are getting stronger every day, and that as a result of visiting the homes of some of the church members, the S.D.A. minister of the Atlanta church has threatened to speak to the church against the “Shepherd’s Rod” workers. He has told the members where we visited, to refuse to let us come into their homes. Strange how some of us Seventh-day Adventists now run from a simple, plain Bible study (Isa. 8:20) as some years ago the members of other churches used to avoid discussion of religion with us! Seventh-day Adventist ministers are now saying, “Don’t you read the Bible with any but us only!” We now find that error, coming in contact with the truth, only makes the truth shine the brighter, and that the pillars of the S. D. A. denomination, which are well grounded on the Scriptures, are able to bear up under any pressure, while those who have wandered away from these fundamentals flatly refuse to sit down with a brother or sister and study the Bible!-2SC7,8 7.3

As a result of our prayerful studies, the wonderful truths in “The Shepherd’s Rod” message have become so marvelous that a sitting of four to six hours at a time is not uncommon among us. Truly we have reached a time when God will make man “more precious than fine gold,” and when we shall never have to part.-2SC7,8 7.4

May at least some of us in the near future have the privilege of coming to Mt. Carmel and learning the message at first hand.-2SC7,8 7.5

Yours to be one of the 144,000, Miss FANNIE LOU WOODS, Douglasville, Georgia

Meadows of Dan, Virginia April 30, 1936 Dear Brother Houteff:undefined

Greetings from the Mayberry S.D.A. church, which has been besieged and taken by those who were willing “to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority forsake us, to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few.”-2SC7,8 7.6

We had almost despaired ever of accomplishing anything, either for ourselves or for the lost world about us, until the Lord sent us a “most precious message,” calling us to a reformation and showing us the “door of hope” through which to get us out of our lukewarm condition, and now we plainly see that we could not be true and loyal S.D.A.’s while feeding upon the “cheap, very cheap, fodder” placed before us in the form of goals and formalities instead of the “pure provender, thoroughly winnowed,” coming from the “messengers of heaven,” designed of the Lord freely to flow “through the golden tubes into the golden bowl” and thence “into the lamps—the churches.” (Zech. 4.)-2SC7,8 7.7

This clarion call to a reformation, contained in the “The Shepherd’s Rod” series of books and tracts, we have found to be none other than “the message to the church of the Laodiceans”—to “the people of God at the present time.” We accept this message “so cutting and severe,” “for it is the True Witness Who speaks and His testimony must be correct.” Therefore, our chief desire is to comply with the call therein.-2SC7,8 7.8

As a result of our stand for Present Truth, four of the seven families, composing the Mayberry church, have accepted the “straight testimony,” and three have “risen up against it” precisely as predicted in “Early Writings,” p. 270, but we are praying that our lives may be such a strong testimony in favor of the truth that the others will yet accept it and help give the Loud Cry, which will “bring all your brethren out of all nations…into the house of the Lord.” (Isa. 66:20.)-2SC7,8 7.9

At this writing, we are feasting upon the “butter and honey” of this glorious message, and are covenanting anew that we will, by God’s help, “nourish” the “young cow” and the “two sheep,” believing that by so-doing we shall have such an abundance of milk” that even the cream alone would be more than we can consume.-2SC7,8 7.10

We believe with all our hearts that God led in the establishment of Mt. Carmel Center, “in the midst of the land,” and that from that divinely ordained hill should flow the “milk and honey” for the “remnant of Jacob.”-2SC7,8 8.1

We, therefore, pledge our all—wives and little ones, flocks and herds—to this “closing work for the church,…the sealing time of the 144,000,” who primarily constitute those “left in the land” and who shall feed on “butter and honey” while giving the final call out of Babylon. (Rev. 18:4.)-2SC7,8 8.2

May the Lord abundantly bless you in your heavy responsibilities is the united prayer of the Mayberry company “standing in the light.”-2SC7,8 8.3

Dear Brethren: I am writing to you at this time, inquiring about the Code. I have not received any either for the month of March or for the month of April! Don’t you send it out any more? O, I miss it so much! I always look forward to the next number. I love to read it, for it is a wonderful help to me, as well as interesting.-2SC7,8 8.4

I have been able to get two of our people here to read “The Shepherd’s Rod.” They once bitterly opposed me, but after reading our literature, they came and asked me to forgive them. How I praise the Lord that they are beginning to see the truth! I assured them that I had nothing against them, and they replied, “Pray for us.”-2SC7,8 8.5

I feel encouraged, and am praying that more of our people here will come to see for themselves that this is the message of the hour and the one to save the church.-2SC7,8 8.6

Will you please write me at once about the Code? I love to read it.-2SC7,8 8.7

(Signed) J. A. D., Pensylvania

Dear Brethren: I have been receiving the “Symbolic Code” up to the first of the year, and can say that I enjoyed reading it. But for some reason, I have not received it since.…I would like to have it continued.…I understood that you were sending out another pamphlet the first of the year. If so, I would like to have it also. Please let me know whether or not there are any charges for these, and if there are, I shall pay for them.-2SC7,8 8.8

(Signed) I. A., Anaheim, Calif.

Dear Brethren: Up until about a month ago, I have been receiving the Code, but I know that I have missed one number and possibly two numbers, and we need them so badly, so please do not pass us by.-2SC7,8 8.9

(Signed) V. L. J. Marysville, Calif.

Dear Brethren: I have not received my March or April Codes. Will you please see that I get them? To me, they are the bread of life.…-2SC7,8 8.10

May the dear Lord bless Mt. Carmel and its workers.-2SC7,8 8.11

(Signed) JAS. R. FERGUSON, El Morro, New Mex.

Dear Brethren: I didn’t receive any Code for March or this far in April. You haven’t stopped publishing it, have you? Please let me know.-2SC7,8 8.12

Since the division in the church here, we have from twelve to twenty that meet every Friday evening and Sabbath to study the new light.-2SC7,8 8.13

Pray for us. (Signed) J. R. V., Indiana

Dear Brethren: I love this message, and want to get everything out of my life that is not right. When the message found me in the Laodicean condition, I was curling my hair, using powder, etc., but I praise the Lord for showing me my mistakes and for giving me the desire and the power to depart from all the vanities which held me down in the sad deception.-2SC7,8 8.14

(Signed) Mrs. N. W. Sheridan, Wyoming.

Dear Brethren: A certain sister, who is sending in _____ dollars tithe, never heard the Advent message until a few weeks ago when she came voluntarily to Mrs. L. and asked for Bible studies. Her pastor learned about this and made such an effort to take her away from us that, in order to make her understand the matter, Mrs. L. had to tell her about “The Shepherd’s Rod” before she was ready for it. She now bids fair to become a believer in the Rod without ever having been a member of the S. D. A. church.-2SC7,8 8.15

From all indications, we are about to have some unpleasant experiences here in the church. But with the help of the Lord, we expect to weather the storm, and we believe that the cause of Present Truth will be promoted thereby.…-2SC7,8 8.16

Please pray for us. (Signed) C. A. L., Alabama.

Dear Brethren: I am thankful for the truth of the sealing angel, who is to seal the living saints. This message is a great blessing to my home. My husband is not a Christian, but since we have been studying “The Shepherd’s Rod,” a wonderful change has taken place in him and I believe that he will yet be an overcomer. So with gratitude, I am enclosing_____tithe, and_____first fruits offering.-2SC7,8 9.1

We welcome “The Symbolic Code” with its instructions and news items. I would like to see something in this paper about the home life; especially concerning the duties and responsibilities of parents—the priest in the home, for so many of our people are following after the world in this respect—not commanding their households after God, as did Abraham.-2SC7,8 9.2

May the Lord bless you one and all. (Signed) Mrs. E. G.

Dear Brothere Houteff: I am happy to give my feeble testimony for my loving Saviour at this belated hour. There are three sisters who desire to be numbered among the 144,000, but I shall not mention their names, for I am sure you will soon hear from them.-2SC7,8 9.3

After returning home from a visit to Mt. Carmel, I realized more than ever that we had been privileged above many others who have not had the opportunity to place their feet on that Holy Ground and to partake of Mt. Carmel’s spiritual and the temporal foods. To us, our visit to Mt. Carmel was a little taste of heaven.-2SC7,8 9.4

In a few days I am returning with a pick and shovel to Mt. Carmel to help in the work and to join our brethren in their earnest petitions to our heavenly Father in behalf of one another, and more especially in behalf of our dear Seventh-day Adventist brethren who know not their sad plight.-2SC7,8 9.5

-2SC7,8 9.6

(Signed) B. T. P. Houston, Texas.



Question: “What Biblical proof have you for placing as you do the seals of Revelation, chapters four to seven and the first part of the eighth? Why make them span the entire world’s history, when the Seventh-day Adventist denomination has been teaching for years that they begin after the crucifixion?”-2SC7,8 9.7

Answer: The questioner has a perfect right to ask for Biblical proof of our interpretations of the Scriptures, but he must remember that our rights are as good as his. Hence, before answering his questions, we would like to ask him to give us but one Scripture as the basis upon which he can establish that the seals span the Christian era only. Our being as well informed as the questioner on all the doctrines which the denomination teaches, and of the proofs upon which they are based, we are free to say that the strongest and the only foundation upon which the denominational interpretation stands is grounded upon the presumptuous idea that the white horse and he that sat on him, going forth conquering and to conquer (Rev. 6:2), represents the early Christian church in her best spiritual condition. This position is assumed upon the unmitigated presumption that the color of the horse (white) must represent the purity of the early church, and that the words, “conquering and to conquer,” stand for her rapid growth after Pentecost.-2SC7,8 9.8

We agree that “white” stands for purity, and that “conquering and to conquer” could represent the growth of the church, but what proof would that be if such an idea is contradicted by all other truth? For example, we call the reader’s attention to the fact that when John was about to be shown in vision the events in the seven seals, it was about sixty-five years after the Pentecost and in the period when the church was already declining from her spiritual condition. The voice which he heard said to him: “Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter” (Rev. 4:1); that is, the event which he was to be shown was to transpire in the future, “hereafter,” from the time John had the vision. Now let us take notice of the event he saw. Says John: “I was in the Spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and One sat on the throne. And I saw in the right hand of Him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the back side, sealed with seven seals. And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look there-on. And I wept much,…and one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.” (Rev. 4:2; 5:3-5.)-2SC7,8 9.9

The event of which John prophesied was to transpire in the future from John’s time instead of having already taken place.-2SC7,8 9.10

Hence, the idea that the white horse with its rider represents the rider in her purity after the Pentecost is only a presumption. Moreover, it is taught that the book with the seven seals is the book of “Daniel and Revelation,” and that those who interpreted the seals are the ones who opened the book, whereas, a “strong angel proclaimed with a loud voice,” that “no man in heaven, nor in the earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.” Consequently, we would like to ask the questioner how could the men who interpreted the seals open the book if they could not even “look thereon”? Still further, whoever heard that the church could be symbolized by a man riding on a horse! Furthermore, those who are fighting against the sealing message on the pretext that it contradicts the Spirit of Prophecy have themselves altogether closed their eyes to the voice of the Spirit of Prophecy by a flat contradiction of it, for they claim that the book with the seven seals is the book of “Daniel and Revelation,” whereas, the Spirit of Prophecy, in perfect harmony with “The Shepherd’s Rod,” says:-2SC7,8 10.1

“Thus the Jewish leaders made their choice. Their decision was registered in the book which John saw in the hand of Him that sat upon the throne, the book which no man could open. In all its vindictiveness this decision will appear before them in the day when this book is unsealed by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.”—“Christ’s Object Lessons,” p. 294.-2SC7,8 10.2

The above quoted passage shows that this book contains the names and record of those who profess to be the people of God. Then, how could it be the book of “Daniel and The Revelation”?-2SC7,8 10.3

We would not take longer in disproving the former interpretation of the seals, but we shall briefly prove the reason why the seals cover the entire history of the human race.-2SC7,8 10.4

One of the proofs that the seals include the entire world’s history is in the fact that the book with the seven seals is “The book of life,” which contains the record of God’s professed people, and also in the fact that it was to be opened in the day of judgment. Hence, it proves that in 1844, when the judgment began, Christ opened the book before the throng that surrounded the throne, and this being the Lamb’s book of Life (which no one but the Lamb could open), containing the record of the people from Adam’s time and on, it is obvious that the seven seals, which were broken at the beginning of the judgment, contain the entire history of the human race, divided into seven periods, which sealed the book up to the day of judgment. See our exposition on the seals in “The Shepherd’s Rod,” Vol. 2, pp. 194-221.-2SC7,8 10.5


Question: “Your answer in reference to baptism, found in the July code of 1935, p. 1 I can not harmonize with the following statements:-2SC7,8 10.6

“‘The Lord calls for a decided reformation. And when a soul is reconverted, let him be rebaptized.’—April 19, 1903.-2SC7,8 10.7

“‘Those who have not been baptized since 1844 will have to be baptized before Jesus comes.…I saw that those who have been baptized as a door into the churches, will have to be baptized as a door into the faith.’—First written, Aug. 24, 1850—‘California Missionary,’ Feb. 10, 1901.”-2SC7,8 10.8

Answer: Our answer in the July Code and Sister White’s instruction in the above references are in perfect harmony, but the questioner has failed to comprehend what we and Sister White have written on the subject.-2SC7,8 10.9

Hence, as there are no useless words in either of the writings, those who desire to know the truth must carefully mark every word, otherwise they will never comprehend the truth and, as a consequence, they will be driven by the winds as the waves of the sea until the winds cease blowing (probation closes), and they be left to sink down in their sins as do the waves in the sea.-2SC7,8 10.10

Note what the Code says: “As you have left the Baptist church and united with the S.D.A. for no other reason than to walk in a brighter light of the Word (not because you had backslidden or because you were unconverted), there is no need for rebaptism.”-2SC7,8 10.11

One is not required to be rebaptized every time he embraces more light, but only after being “reconverted” from his backsliding and rescued from Satanic delusions. If, for example, you were converted in the Baptist church, and if you had to be rebaptized when you came from it into the Seventh-day Adventist, then all the S.D.A.’s must now be rebaptized; but as yet, we have no such commission.-2SC7,8 10.12

Sister White, in the above references, says, “I saw that those who have been baptized as a door into the churches, will have to be rebaptized as a door into the faith.” that is, those who are baptized as a door into the Seventh-day Adventist or other churches are not converted to Christ but to the church. Therefore, such must be baptized as a door into the faith instead of into the church.-2SC7,8 10.13

When a message from the Lord is proclaimed to the church, those who would rather stay with the church than be cast out for the truth’s sake by its unsanctified members are baptized into the church but not into Christ. However, it is possible that we all may have to be rebaptized before Jesus comes and before we become true members of the church “clad in the armor of Christ’s righteousness.…‘Fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible us an army with banners’” (“Prophets and Kings,” p. 725), and if so, we shall wait for such commission from Him who said: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.’” (Matt. 28:19,20.)-2SC7,8 10.14


Question: “Please explain ‘Early writings,’ p. 15, about the voice of God announcing the day and the hour of Jesus’ coming, at which time He ‘pours upon’ the saints ‘the Holy Ghost.’ Is this not at the time of the seven last plagues? If so, then how could the ‘latter rain’ be poured out upon God’s people before the close of probation?”-2SC7,8 11.1

Answer: We understand that God will announce the day and the hour of Christ’s coming at the time of the seventh plague, at which time He will pour out His Spirit upon His saints, but this pouring out of His Spirit is not the latter or the former rain of the truth and the power prophesied in Joel 2:23, 28, or in “Early Writings,” p. 85, but rather a special manifestation of God’s Spirit—not to reveal to us either the fullness of or to enable us to proclaim the Gospel Truth, but simply to fit us to see Jesus face to face as He is. These facts are further attested by Joel 2:24, and “Early Writings,” pp. 277, 278.-2SC7,8 11.2


Question: “Who are the slain of the Lord in the time of persecution? Are they of the heathen, of fallen Protestantism, or are they of professed Sabbath keepers?”-2SC7,8 11.3

Answer: Those who are slain before the commencement of the Loud Cry in fulfillment of Isaiah 66:16 are professed Sabbath keepers who fail in the time of the closing work for the church to receive the seal of God. “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 3, p. 266. (See the Sept. Code of 1935, p. 7). However, those who are slain in fulfillment of Rev. 9:18 (see our tract, “Final Warning,” on the subject of “The Seven Trumpets,” pp. 65-92), in the time of the Loud Cry, are those who come in close contact with the church of God, and who could be either heathen or professed Christians of several characters; namely, such as those who openly war against the church, and those who pretend to believe in her teachings but who, as those who were destroyed in the Exodus movement, are, by their sins, working against the church to weaken her lines of defense, thus endeavoring to cause her to fall helpless before her enemies.-2SC7,8 11.4


Question: “On page 6, par. 4 of your article, “The Latest Against The Shepherd’s Rod,” in reply to Bro. Brown, you speak of the great multitude’s serving God day and night in His temple. Please explain what is meant by His ‘temple.’ Is it His earthly church?”-2SC7,8 11.5

Answer: It is now a proven fact that “the great multitude” of Revelation 7:9, besides the 144,000, are the living saints who will be translated when Jesus comes. John, the Revelator, in what he has written, proves that they serve God in His temple before the close of probation. (See “The Shepherd’s Rod,” Vol. 2, p. 66; our tract No. “Dardanelles of the Bible.”) Therefore, the temple in which they serve Him day and night is the temple (church) on earth in the time of the “Loud Cry,” of which time The Lord says: “And many nations shall be joined to the Lord in that day, and shall be My people: and I will dwell in the midst of thee.” (Zech. 2:11.)-2SC7,8 11.6

Thus will they serve God day and night, showing that they are neither to backslide nor to be on God’s side one day and on the devil’s the next but entirely and forever separated from the world, “day and night”—that is, both in time of joy, when everything is as bright as the sun, and in time of trials and hardships and all manner of adversities, when everything seems to be as dark as the night. However, those who serve God in His temple upon the earth are as though they serve Him in the one which is in heaven, for serving God on earth is serving God in heaven or wherever He is.-2SC7,8 11.7


Question: “Are the 144,000 immune to death while in conflict in ‘the time of trouble’?”-2SC7,8 11.8

Answer: There is nothing that can take the life of the 144,000. “Satan wished to have the privilege of destroying the saints of the Most High; but Jesus bade His angels watch over them. God would be honored by making a covenant with those who had kept His law, in the sight of the heathen round about them; and Jesus would be honored by translating, without their seeing death, the faithful, waiting ones who had so long expected Him.”—“Early Writings,” p. 283.-2SC7,8 11.9

The Bible says, “Death shall flee from them.” (Rev. 9:6.) See our tract, “Final Warning” (Subject, “Seven Trumpets,” pp. 56-60).-2SC7,8 12.1


Question: “Will the nominal churches be united, before the slaughter of Ezekiel 9, and before the Loud Cry of the Third Angel’s message takes place?-2SC7,8 12.2

Answer: The churches may incompletely confederate almost any time, but the union of church and state (the image of the beast) will take place only after the “investigative judgment” of the dead is completed, for the fact that the “anger of the nations” (the time of trouble, Dan. 12:1), “the wrath of God” (the seven last plagues, Rev. 15: and the “time to judge the dead” (Dan. 8:14), are events separate and distinct, one following the other.”—“Early Writings,” p. 36.-2SC7,8 12.3

Therefore, the persecution against the church by the “image beast” arises in the time of the judgment of the living—the time of the Loud Cry—after the sealing of the 144,000. (Study our tract, “The Dardanells of the Bible,” and “The Shepherd’s Rod,” Vol. 2, pp. 84-125.)-2SC7,8 12.4



Walnut sticks, another article in the line of bread-making, being unleavened and crisp, and requiring thorough mastication, will exercise the gums and prevent collection of tartar around the teeth, thus lessening the danger of their contracting decay and disease, and will as well aid digestion.-2SC7,8 12.5


Use one and one half pounds of cracked wheat, two and one half pounds of whole wheat flour, three-fourths pound of vegetable shortening, three-fourths pounds of raw sugar, one half pound of crushed walnut meat, one tablespoon of salt, one pint of cold water.-2SC7,8 12.6


Put all ingredients except the water into a mixing bowl. Rub well with finger tips until the shortening is thoroughly mixed into the ingredients. Then add water, and mix well again. Turn out the mixture on a floured bread board or table top, and roll out to half inch thickness. Cut into strips one half inch wide and three inches long then place in cookie pans, and bake about twenty minutes in a medium hot oven.-2SC7,8 12.7

This recipe wills serve a family of six. Walnut sticks will keep for a least two weeks in a dry place.-2SC7,8 12.8

Use these instead of bought cookies which are made with ammonia or some other chemical concoction always used by the commercial bakeries.-2SC7,8 12.9


Can you keep sweet when all around you are going wrong and blaming it on you? Can you be hated and not give way to hating? Can you hold on when there is nothing on earth to hold to? Can you have faith in God to go work in His vineyard to-day when the flour-barrel is empty and the last dollar on earth is gone? Can you wait upon the Lord and not be tired by waiting? Can you hear people say that you are the smartest man on earth and yet remember that you are only a fool? Can you mingle with the modern crowd and yet retain your virtue? Can you hear friends say nice things about you and yet not look too smart nor talk too wise? Can you hold the esteem of your friends after once gaining it? Can you walk with the great men of earth and remember not to forget the lowly child, Jesus of Bethlehem? Can you live in this fault-finding and back-biting generation and not talk about your neighbor? Can you remain the same when your brethren are slandering you both by tongue and by pen? Can you be driven from the church that you love more than your life, and close the door for the last time with a sweet smile and a gentle good-by? Can you have your very heart crushed by your superior and yet love and thank him for his kindness? If you can, my brother, you are the man for the hour.-2SC7,8 12.10

—By James F. Ferguson El Morro, New Mexico.

Important Notices!

When sending tithes and offerings by mail, to avoid delay in issuance of receipts, please send directly to this office instead of in mail to private individuals.-2SC7,8 12.11

All material intended to be published in the Code should be mailed to “The Symbolic Code” department. Thank you.-2SC7,8 12.9